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Cannabis is still illegal to purchase and sell in The US Virgin Islands!

Cannabis is still illegal to purchase and sell in The US Virgin Islands!

Is Weed Legal to buy in the Virgin Islands?
Where can I get some legal weed?
Find all this out and more from the irie crew at Elevate Island....


"High" and Hempy Island Daze all you fantastic stony humans:)

Hope fully you have all been having a wonderful day! 

You  may be wondering --"How do I get Cannabis in the US Virgin Islands?"

"Is it Legal"? Well, we are here to clear up the confusion on all things Cannabis so you can enjoy your time on the islands without fear of persecution!

Lets Dive right in-

On January 18th 2023 government of Virgin Islands made the historical decision to make Recreational Cannabis legal!! This has been monumental for USVI and we are all excited to have this change in our community SOON!!   But....

We are unfortunately not quite there yet.

It has been stated that during the creation of the infrastructure within the local political bodies, that all sales and purchasing of High Thc(THC Delta9) recreational products remains ILLEGAL! 

Well. we are riding the waves of prohibition change by having alternative Cannabinoids for your Caribbean pleasures.  Here at Elevate Island, we offer a "Full Spectrum" experience in Hemp derived goodness with a focus on bringing in the best the plant can offer.  Our saying is "Our chemists are smarter than your lawyers":) lol and we will go the distance to find something that works for you 

From High Quality Organic Fibers to the excelled high of concentrate added Thc Delta8, THCA, CBD,CBN,CBG and more- there's so much to explore than just a good smoke and toke! Now offering Hemp derived edibles and local drinks as well as a wide variety of tinctures and topicals!  ALL COMPLETELY LEGAL FOR YOU TO PURCHASE!  

  It is legal to possess and use high Thc Cannabis , but you cannot purchase it Anywhere in the USVI as of yet.  

  That's why we have created a diverse menu of many Hemp derived alternatives that you can enjoy !

 Cannabis has over 124 different Phyto Cannabinoids and we look to offer them all for your experience.

 Scientifically speaking, laws have been focused on the molecule Tetrahydrocannabinol delta 9. Common found "street ganja" has a higher concentration of this element and is not often a tested or compliant product. What we offer is all highly tested to be within legal range of less than .3%THC(delta9) and of the highest quality possible. Gone are the old-school days of only focusing on one element of the plant and we encourage adding to your personal journey of experimentation daily. We all have so much to learn from this amazing sticky plant friend!

So, when you're ready to come on over, dock up and stock up, climb aboard the ship set for elevating your state of mind and make sail for flight at Elevate Island in Red Hook St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

So---- to roll it up...

        NO-you cannot buy High Thc(delta9) Marijuana or Ganja legally yet-

        Yes-you can still get elevated off of Cannabis Hemp products!

        Where can you buy Legal Cannabis/Hemp?-Elevate Island in Red Hook, St. Thomas

        Yes-you can fly with it, all our stock is Federally Legal!:0 But that doesn't mean that TSA knows the current regulations and the differences between legal and illicit products. We do not recommend traveling with any cannabis products.

        No- you cannot smoke in public and always always should be considerate to keep away from kids                                                            and pets!

Hopefully this brings some clarification to you and helps ease the stress of wanting to get stoned lol - looking forward to shooting the breeze with you all in the future--

                                       ELEVATE ISLAND - Red Hook St.Thomas




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